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Rewind the Sixties CD's

The Pop Pickers have two 'Rewind the Sixties' CD's available. The original, and now a volume 2. These CD's both contain 15 smash hits from the sixties, most of which were number one records made famous by artistes such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Searchers, Roy Orbison, Monkees and many more. Track listings are on the CD pictures at the bottom of this page.

You can watch both CD promotional videos here.

You can purchase the CD's at any Pop Pickers gig for only £5 each. Alternatively, we can send you one by first class tracked postage for just £7.50. To order please get in touch by one of the following means:


Phone: +44 (0) 7580 772997


Payment can be made via PayPal, BACCS or cheque. Please ask for details of a method that suits.

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