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Meet The Band

Graham is a founder member of The Pop Pickers. In 2015 he was seriously considering retiring from music, but he answered an advert and shortly afterwards The Pop Pickers were formed. Nearly 400 gigs later he is still singing and playing his bass guitar and is yet to retire.

_DSF1882 edit.jpg

Back in 2015, frustrated with not finding the right band to play in, Ian decided to form his own and set about recruiting suitable members. Things came together surprising quickly and in early 2016 The Pop Pickers played their first gig. Ian plays a combination of lead and rhythm guitar with backing vocals.

Graham Day

Ian Templeton

Robbie joined the band on a permanent basis in the spring of 2018 after a short stint of 17 gigs deputising for David the then resident drummer. This all come about due to a chance meeting at a previous gig when Robbie was in the audience. Some 250 gigs later, Robbie is still putting the beat in The Pop Pickers, and surprising us with his array of drum kits. 


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Dan joined the band on a permanent basis in December 2021, after initially standing in for Ron. He is now the band's lead vocalist, and also plays lead/rhythm guitar. Although younger than the other band members, his passion for the 50's, 60's, and 70's music shines through. He has made a major contribution to the band's progress, including playing drums, when needed.

Dan Harding

Robbie Clarke

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